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Beta Heavy Delivery Pack:Utah 0.4.1

4 different scenarios, with different vehicles delivering heavy cargo all around Utah

  1. whoops wrong filename

    The Gas Station
  2. H46RF67 (or some other random title)

    The Gas Station
    - Fixed "built garvil tough" scenario, increased it's difficulty too ;)
    - Removed "Heavy Cargo V1", it is pretty pointless compared to V2
  3. Better "heavy cargo" scenarios] functionality

    The Gas Station
    -Updated both "heavy cargo" scenarios to prevent the trailer leg bug
    Updated "heavy cargo B" to work properly, using .lua-triggered events.
    Thanks for torsion for making this update possible!
  4. MODERATION : zip renamed // Reduced thumnails

    The Gas Station
    MODERATION : zip renamed // Reduced thumnails
  5. thumbnails size fix

    The Gas Station
    thumbnails size fix
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