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Beta Heavy Delivery Pack:Utah 0.4.1

4 different scenarios, with different vehicles delivering heavy cargo all around Utah

  1. The Gas Station
    Hello again! I am happy to present a small scenario pack for Utah: The heavy delivery pack. The 4 scenarios in the pack take you on a busy day around Utah, delivering all sorts of things: cars, rocks... well, mostly cars and rocks.

    Heavy Cargo
    Deliver a trailer carrying 12,000 lbs around Utah, using the T-series truck. This one is pretty easy, yet fun to play- sort of like Euro Truck Sim, Beamng edition. Don't forget to hook up the trailer, or you'll fail the scenario.
    My best time (keyboard): 2:51

    Built GARVIL Tough
    Picture created by me, GARVIL LOGO by beamng, modified by me.
    Haul a huge boulder, weighing around 12,000 pounds/5.5 tons, with a d35 heavy duty pickup with modified heavy duty suspension. The pickup, powered by the stock, non-supercharged engine and AWD, would carry a rock more than twice it's own weight!
    My best time (keyboard): 4:49 (but I can do much better)

    Heavy Cargo B
    Deliver a trailer carrying 12,000 lbs around Utah, using the T-series truck, with a scary twist. Same as the other heavy cargo scenario, but this one is harder, you'll see why.
    Lost brakes
    My best time (keyboard): ???

    Unfortunately I don't know .lua files, so all credit for the .lua stuff goes to @torsion. Thanks!!!

    Yes, you see correctly- the white Pigeon is still right-way-up... But not for long, I assure you!
    Warning- very hard.
    My best time: 4:47 (keyboard)

    Download includes: 4 scenarios with pictures, 3 custom vehicle setup files needed for the scenarios.

    Good luck, and as always- Feedback would be much appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. BugHelppperrrr
    Version: 0.3
    brakes are still a thing in the HELL mode delivery
  2. CarBro74
    Version: 0.2
    You are a cruel man. But also very awesome.
  3. jetFire55
    Version: 0.2
    3/4 scanarios working: in Heavy Cargo B the truck's brakes work just fine
    1. The Gas Station
      Author's Response
      Fixed it in current update. That should no longer be an issue
  4. austinw2018
    Version: 0.2
    I have tried all of the scenarios, and I only gave up on Topsy-turvy because it is impossible, but it is funny to watch them tip over really slowly on the first corner. I really liked both of the Heavy Cargo ones, and I think a Heavy Cargo with fuel efficiency as the goal would be fun. Built Gavril Tough is fun. The scenarios are the perfect length.
  5. Destroyer247_52
    Version: 0.2
    I played all of the scenarios in this mod pack and they are all great and sometimes difficult. There is one problem though, When I played the Heavy Cargo B, I had brakes all the way through the route. I looked in the vehicle files and the front brakes on the semi were only removed. It would be a big difference if you had removed the rear ones as well. That would lead to having to shift into reverse to stop. This is a great scenario pack.
    1. The Gas Station
      Author's Response
      Fixed the Heavy Cargo B scenario in current update, it should now be all right!
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