Beta Hawk-3 Pedal Car 1.4

MFD Modding Challenge #2

  1. Compatibility Modifications

    Misc changes to avoid corrupting files of other vehicles.
    Changed position in vehicle selector to match other (coming) Hawk vehicles.
  2. Rescaling and jbeam overhaul

    When producing the full-scale H-3 it came to my attention that the pedal car is the exact same size, adult size. The whole car has been scaled down to a more realistic toddler-size and the jbeam has been redone due to this. Now it should be possible to haul your pedal car in your d-series to any location you desire!

    The folder name has been changed so you must remove the old file before adding the new update.
  3. Texture fix and more!

    The broken glass textures have been fixed, new pictures have been added and the awful steering wheel placeholder has gone :) Oh, and the steering has been sped up.
    Please delete and fully reinstall to avoid mesh issues.​
  4. Fixed jbeam name

    Edited the H3P.jbeam
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