Beta Hard Work 0.1

Join the hard working men of west coast USA in this scenario pack!

  1. The Gas Station
    I am proud to present my newest scenario pack, offering a bunch of scenarios around WCUSA.
    Join the hard working men of Belsaco city and help them deliver rocks, fix anntenas, drive passengers and do crazy stunts!
    This pack offers some never-seen-before trickery, such as alternate endings to scenarios, 6 different forks in the path, and more!

    List of scenarios in the pack:

    - Speedy Taxi

    You are asked to pick up famous actor Harrison Garvil from the tennis court and take him to the movie studio. Problem is, the filming starts in ten minutes! Pick the best route and hurry up!
    Features forks in road

    -Communication Breakdown

    All the Beamcom cellphone antennas around Belsaco are broken, and communications are down for the 4th time this month! Reach the antennas around Belsaco and fix them, before customers change their communications supplier from Beamcom to Phone.NG!
    Features 6 individual forks in the path, 2 different ways to end the scenario, all thanks to bit of .lua wizardry. This one took weeks to make and playtest.

    -Rock delivery

    Deliver these rocks from the cement plant to the construction site
    (There are a few puns. Be warned.)

    -Trilobite oil delivery

    Deliver a couple of oil barrels with your Pigeon, from the oil wells to The Gas Station. Be Wary not to tumble.

    -Pigeon Pileup

    It's pretty embarrassing, but the owner of the red Pigeon
    somehow managed to flip right into the back of your cyan Pigeon. Now it's up to you to either transfer both Pigeons to the repair shop, or get rid of this abomination.
    This is an homage to another scenario I made. Also, features alternate endings, cinematic camera.

    -Extreme Jumpz
    as a professional stuntman working for 'lens flare studios', you are asked to preform some truly crazy stunts for the upcoming action movie 'INferno 7.5, The Explodening'. Complete the course!


    My record for this one is 0:57. I'd love to see someone beat me!

    Download includes all files needed. If you've encountered a bug, please contact me.

    Good luck, and as always- Feedback would be much appreciated.


    1. screenshot_00011.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Long Drifter 1
    Long Drifter 1
    Version: 0.1
    This is an esculent scenario pack, other then the pigeon spawning inside the bus stop, I tried the 'Extreme Jumpz' scenario and when i starting to rev the engine to go fast for the ramp onto the rail tracks, the engine broke imminently from the pure powre of the engine.
  2. Scott Guo
    Scott Guo
    Version: 0.1
    Great scenario! Hopefully, you can do some more of this!
  3. TheNewHavenRailfan
    Version: 0.1
    LOVE the Led Zep pun
    1. The Gas Station
  4. hector_yo
    Version: 0.1
    awesome scenarios. Very entertaining
    btw, in the pigeon pileup, in the new version 0.12, the vehicle spawns inside a bus stop pole, making it impossible to move
  5. Graf LOLtube
    Graf LOLtube
    Version: 0.1
    It's impossible to give that mod a rating under 5 stars :D
  6. scottshamblin
    Version: 0.1
    Wow, this is nice!
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