HAAI 600 Series 1.0

Hetvesia's finest V8 roadster lineup from 1947 to 2016.

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    The HAAI 600

    In 1946, Hetvesian Auto-Aviation Incorporated wanted to move from planes to automobiles. To get a quick reputation and awareness, they launched 3 different models; 200, 400 and 600.

    The first 600 was nothing more than a luxury convertible with a wasteful 6L V8, that kept itself in production for 13 years.

    (Mk1 on Hetvesian roads. Picture used in ad)

    1963, the Mk2 came out, featuring a beefier pushrod V8. Nothing special except for it's first issues, with oversteer. Kept going strong into 1976.

    (Mk2 in Utah, having oversteer problems.)

    The next partial milestone was rev limiters with the Mk3, which had a huge issue of large blind spots. They dropped production just 9 years after the launch in 1981.

    (Mk3 top speed tests at a secluded area in Utah, at night.)

    Next up came the Mk4, featuring the first fuel injected engine and ESC. The engine was already created in 1982 though, so it wasn't anything very special for the time.

    (Mk4 at a hiking spot, imported for rentals)

    As all good things end, so did the popularity of the 600. They went all out with the last one, and made it another true driving pleasure without a single comfort compromise. Unfortunately, it couldn't be continued because of the wasteful 6L pushrod engine that was always the defining part of a 600. It had oversteer issues as well, thanks to the lack of a rear wing. Also, a very rare model exists, with blue taillights that were a rare factory defect. Only 27 with these were sent out, making them more valuable thanks to certain features they accidentally got from another, sportier model.

    (Mk5 from the Utah visitor centre rentals, featuring the blue taillights.)

    Mod features

    5 models from different years.
    Lowered and raised roof variants.
    Everything in British racing green.
    A couple small problems.
    No fuel efficiency.


    (2016 advertisement)​


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