Beta GRIP-ALL Livery for Hirochi Sunburst 2.x

R.I.P. Tires

  1. More logos and whatever else I did. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

    (stoopid screenshot thingy)
    -Messed with the config
    - Added on the widebody kit
    - Changed the hood
    - Front lip and sideskirt lip
    - Stock bumper because I added logos to the rear that ended up not fitting and I'm lazy so...
    - Fitment to fit the widebody kit
    - meh

    -Changed up the skin (obviously)
    - Window banner
    - GT3 styled lights
    - More logos
  2. Complete change

    Redone stuff for copyright reasons


    1. screenshot_00235.png
  3. new description for config

    just a config description change
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