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Gravitational Racing 1.3.3

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. Sky fix

    This fixes the sky colouring issues. I took the opportunity to add in custom skyboxes, one for each level of difficulty:
    screenshot_2020-04-13_13-18-43.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-09.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-48.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-22-14.png screenshot_2020-04-13_14-09-58.png

    Also fixed the Solar System Simulation scenario.
  2. Misc fixes

    A couple more misc fixes:
    • Fixed the tutorial level not working
    • Fixed a potential conflict in hubworld names with the Car Games and Intersection mods
  3. Improvements and Code Cleanup

    Fixes a few broken things and cleaing up of the code:
    • Fixed the time targets for Explosive Force and Ticking Timebomb
    • Fully commented every function
    • Added in error handling with better messages to track down bugs easier
    • Fixed the console breaking when printing out info
    • Fixed last checkpoint to high in Reverberance
    • Fixed immunity after a reset - should prevent most problems with resetting near celestials
    • Fixed track (right) UI in hubworld erroring
  4. 0.19 Fix + supernovae

    This update fixes a few issues with the previous version and those introduced by the new 0.19 update as well as some new scenarios and supernovae.

    - Fixed track overview not showing in hub-world
    - Fixed player being spawned in the wrong place in Layered Instability
    - Fixed trails disappearing after resetting a scenario
    - Fixed end-screen UI's buttons not working when clicked
    - Some code cleanup/general improvements:
    - Better handling of laps
    - Cleanup of function descriptions
    - Adjust...
  5. Savefile fix

    This update fixes an issue where saving to the savefile would not happen and some other minor things:
    • Stars now have the material attribute emissive so will now show up at night
    • Added some internal functionality to allow the Celestial Creator to work
  6. The Big Update

    This is the next big update with plenty of changes and improvements. More features were intended (such as supernovae, more scenarios, championships and a trophy/medal room) but will be introduced later down the line instead.

    One thing to note is that, due to the behind-the-scenes clean-up and improvements, my UI mod, Celestial Creator, will be temporarily outdated and will no longer work. I will update this in due course, but it may be a little while as I need to redo sizing...
  7. New tracks + celestial type

    The first content update brings a new celestial type: unstable and 4 new scenarios. More celestial types are planned (both supernova and exotic are nearly ready and so will be in the next content update).

    Savefiles are compatible and should be automatically updated when you enter the hub-world. To unlock the first scenario of this update, you will need to either have completed "Motorway" or gotten 10 medals


    • New...
  8. The fix to the Fixes update

    The last fixes update broke some things (how ironic :p) so heres a fix for the fixes:
    • Fixed an error causing teleporters to stop working in the hub-world
    • Fixed incorrect cache file causing hub-world to have invisible walls - this will require you to clear your cache for this to take effect (save file will be moved as well so you will have to go to your BeamNG.drive directory and go into the backups directory and find the file called...
  9. Texture fixes + some more misc changes

    Just a few more fixes and changes:
    • Fixed textures being overwritten (as far as I know at least - I couldn't replicate this problem again)
    • Also fixed orange key having a missing texture
    • Updated the hub-world platform - each scenario is a circle and bridges are less pointy + less likely to eat your car
    • Stopped starting Jupiter moving around until scenario starts in Planetary Perils - makes it less waiting for it to pass to start the scenario to not lose time
    I have...
  10. Additional Fixes

    This update is another small one which contains an update to fix the printing to console function breaking, which could cause certain celestials to stop updating and fixed a problem where a star would ignite a vehicle that didn't exist. Also includes a few more code cleanups ready for the new UI.

    I have some ideas for future content for this mod, though I might work on some more quality of life features first ;)
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