Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. 0.19 Fix + supernovae

    This update fixes a few issues with the previous version and those introduced by the new 0.19 update as well as some new scenarios and supernovae.

    - Fixed track overview not showing in hub-world
    - Fixed player being spawned in the wrong place in Layered Instability
    - Fixed trails disappearing after resetting a scenario
    - Fixed end-screen UI's buttons not working when clicked
    - Some code cleanup/general improvements:
    - Better handling of laps
    - Cleanup of function descriptions
    - Adjust portal texture in the hubworld
    - Added in a new celestial type - supernova, as well as 2 new scenarios with this celestial type:
    - Explosive Force (Advanced)
    - Ticking Timebomb (Expert)

    Note: these levels are towards the end of the hub-world so will require decent progress to allow you to access them (this is something I wish to address in a future update as I don't feel happy with how it pans out currently)

    Supernova example:
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