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Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. The Big Update

    This is the next big update with plenty of changes and improvements. More features were intended (such as supernovae, more scenarios, championships and a trophy/medal room) but will be introduced later down the line instead.

    One thing to note is that, due to the behind-the-scenes clean-up and improvements, my UI mod, Celestial Creator, will be temporarily outdated and will no longer work. I will update this in due course, but it may be a little while as I need to redo sizing of elements.

    Highlights/Main Changes:
    • Binary celestials are now properly handled in their own class, allowing for unequal masses. They also allow for hierarchical orbits of binary systems orbiting other binary systems
    • You can now highlight tracks in the hub-world (on the right UI) to find tracks easier
    • Added 7 additional stars (one of each spectral-type [sun is a G spectral class star] and a Wolf-Rayet star):
    • -CD Crucis (Wolf-Rayet)
    • -HD 49798 (O)
    • -Eta Ursae Majoris (B)
    • -Alpha Volantis (A)
    • -Procyon (F)
    • -AB Doradus A (K)
    • -CHXR 73 (M)
    • ^All stars have their own rotation speed, colour and density - these have been integrated into existing scenarios, but should not affect the level's difficulty
    • The hub-world has been re-done to add in the new levels are be better to expand on in the future
    • The teleport effect now corresponds to the difficulty of the level you are teleporting to
    • Added a new celestial type: exotic - these objects have negative mass so repel your car instead
    • Added two new scenarios with new the new celestial type (both of these take place back on Earth on Hirochi Raceway):
    • -Repulsion (Advanced)
    • -Darkness (Expert)
    Minor changes:
    • Trails have been reworked and are now spherical as well as colour-coordinated according to the celestial on it
    • Planets can now orbit stars which orbit another celestial
    • The resetting button has now been implemented behind the scenes better, so any car will now work and should be reliable now (some vehicles may have conflicting controls with the horn, so might have problems)
    • Fixed camera lock when finishing a scenario
    • Fixed some static celestials not having any collisions
    • The white texture in the hub-world is now fixed
    • The collectable for Insane difficulty levels has been re-made to fit the flatter 2d design of the other collectables
    • Fixed an issue with times that exceed an hour looping back to 0
    • Fixed a rare crash after the player vehicle changed but the internal instance wasn't made aware
    • Fixed the Solar System Simulation being unlocked after completing a single race, rather than a reward for finishing An Eventful Horizon
    Overview of new stars, relative to the Sun (left):
    Binary system with unequal masses:
    New star integrated into existing scenario:
    Circumbinary (Saturn orbiting both stars) and non-circumbinary (Saturn orbiting only the Sun)
    Two binary systems orbiting each other:
    New scenarios and new exotic celestial:
    New scenario previews:
    screenshot_2019-09-22_10-02-52.png screenshot_2019-09-22_10-03-05.png screenshot_2019-09-22_10-04-38.png
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