Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. New tracks + celestial type

    The first content update brings a new celestial type: unstable and 4 new scenarios. More celestial types are planned (both supernova and exotic are nearly ready and so will be in the next content update).

    Savefiles are compatible and should be automatically updated when you enter the hub-world. To unlock the first scenario of this update, you will need to either have completed "Motorway" or gotten 10 medals


    • New celestial class: unstable - these objects change their mass overtime and by random amounts
    • 4 new scenarios:
    • -Layered Instability (Basic)
    • -Pessimistic Outlook (Advanced)
    • -Ferocity and Velocity (Expert)
    • -Defining Insanity (Insane)

    • Added in more signage to "Cyclical Inversions" to be more explicit on where to go
    • Fixed arrow pointing wrong way in "Motorway"
    • Waypoints in the hub-world signal incomplete tracks rather than un-tried tracks
    • Improved loading to the hub-world a little bit (still not entirely smooth but hopefully noticeably better)

    • Fixed an issue when keys would not work on the second lap
    • Re-fixed an issue with printing celestials in the console, due to a change in the way danger-radii where stored
    • The radial vision's texture has been changed so it is only one model rather than 3 separate ones - this also makes it appear better defined in my opinion and decreases file size a little bit
    • Stars' light now covers a larger range
    • Properly handled trails in binary systems
    • There is now a 2 second pause period on attraction after resetting which prevents your car being attracted while the vehicle is being placed
    • Fixed vehicles loading in after script files running causing console log spamming
    • Better handling of finding the next set of checkpoints

    20190819102904_1.jpg 20190819102934_1.jpg 20190819103041_1.jpg
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