Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. Darthbob555

    I've been working on this for over a year and a half and I am finally going for it and releasing it because otherwise it'll never get released ;)

    A couple of years ago I released Gravitational Stunting, which was doing stunt tracks with various gravities applied to the car. This time, I thought I'd go one step further, and create dynamic gravity with celestial bodies. Naturally, doing stunts with those would be frustrating and difficult, so instead of stunt tracks its racetracks!


    Once again, all scenarios are accessible through the hub-world. In total there are 21 scenarios (including a bonus scenario and the tutorial), each being of one of four difficulties:

    Basic Advanced Expert Insane
    basic.png advanced.png expert.png insane.png

    New tracks can be unlocked by completing the previous scenario or by accumulating medals and collectables.

    With most BeamNG scenarios, it can take a while to complete them without crashing or making a mistake so to avoid frustration, there is a built-in, custom checkpoint system that allows you to reset at a passed checkpoint.
    The keybinding mapped to the horn button, default 'H'.

    Each scenarios comes with a reset count to try and beat along with a time as well as a collectable, which is hidden in the scenario.
    resets.png time.png

    Some scenarios feature shortcuts which can be triggered by finding colour-specific keys elsewhere on the track but beware, if it cuts off a chunk of time it'll be harder to complete.

    Celestials and Objects:
    All 8 planets are included along with the common spectral types for stars (including the Sun and stars [O B A F G K M WR]) and generic representations of both a neutron star and black hole.

    I have tried to maintain some level of realism and so most celestials bodies with move according to motion and gravitational laws as well as having correct density, relative to each other, though this is explained in greater detail in the tutorial scenario's description. (If you are curious about some details you can check the console (~ key) when you are in a scenario to see details about celestials in that scenario [such as mass, radius, etc] and the factors that are being run/taken into consideration)

    I also found the some vanilla UIs to not show what I wanted to display so I have redesigned and added a few (namely a custom end screen and a scenario and track overview showing progress in the hub-world)

    Each scenario also has a custom skybox, reflecting the difficulty of that scenario:

    screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-09.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-48.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-22-14.png

    Since I am not the best at explaining things, below is an example track of a mid-advanced scenario (not the best quality but is clear enough to show what I have said above):

    FailRace has done a very good job of explaining the core mechanics in this video as well:

    Also, thanks to Neilogical for his video on this mod:

    With all that being said, this mod is still in Beta, so there is likely issues and bugs around the place, so if you do encounter one or multiple, please do report them so I can fix them - a discussions tab isn't present so feel free to PM me with any bugs instead.

    Finally, I want to say enjoy the mod :D

    I have also released a UI mod to allow you to create the celestials in this mod in freeroam; get it here:

    expert1.gif expert2.gif screenshot_2019-06-10_17-12-51.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-13-24.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-14-17.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-15-13.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-33-26.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-33-46.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-34-02.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-35-20.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-35-27.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-36-07.png screenshot_2019-06-10_17-36-22.png screenshot_2019-06-10_19-03-39.png screenshot_2019-06-10_19-04-48.png

    For any bugs, please PM me instead of the review section as I can't have a dicussion in the review section ;)!

Recent Updates

  1. Compatability for V0.24.1
  2. 0.23 Compatibility Update
  3. Tutorial fix

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.3.2
    Pure genius. Love your content!
  2. knz0
    Version: 1.3.2
    Tutorial is now fixed, so I'll give the mod the rating it deserves. By far the most creative scenario available, and it's really challenging when you get to the higher difficulty levels.
  3. knz0
    Version: 1.3.1
    tutorial level is completely broken. you can't pass any checkpoints and there's no force excerted by any of the stars or planets
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Yep, my bad - fixed in the next update. Please use PMs for bug reports in the future :)
  4. frame3
    Version: 1.2.0
    amazing mod but can't unlock levels after beating tutorial.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      My bad, forget to uncomment a line :p. Will be fixed in the next update :)
  5. nastygdigger
    Version: 1.0.2
    Really REALLY great! a good challenge as well.
  6. crashIMPACT
  7. A Turbocharged Turbocharger
    A Turbocharged Turbocharger
    Pretty amazing. I get confused a lot, but the amount of work and the innovation that created this mod is beautiful. Keep up the good work. Or, just bask in your own glory. Why not
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Thanks; glad you're enjoying it :). The best part of any mod is putting loads of work into it and having people enjoy it; it's always a great feeling - especially for my ego ;)
  8. LaverniusTucker
    This mod is amazing,has a real Hot Wheels feel to it.
    On a side note,some of the checkpoints are badly placed,creating a hazard upon reset
  9. Hubert Jasinski
    Hubert Jasinski
    This scenario is so good I never seen any scenarios better than this.
  10. Mihax209_Steam
    Are functional waypoints back? THEY'RE BACK!
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