Beta Grand Valley Speedway 0.37

Here's the original fictional track built for 24H racing.

  1. Fixed a bunch of bugs + an add-on

    1. Edited the quick play way points, so they don’t conflict with my other levels.
    2. Fixed curbs piercing tires; took lots of testing and tweaking to get it right.
    3. Fixed the Car Bridge piercing tires.
    4. Fixed stretched banners.
    5. New billboards, plus resized and edited banner texture.
    6. Widened the pit exit and moved the tower back, making it easier to get past.
    7. Added missing polys to trailers.
    8. Removed the “black apron” from the big arch bridge.
    9. Grandstands -...
  2. 3003rd times a charm update

    1. Fixed a bug in the AI path along the main straightaway.
    2. Tested the AI all around.
    3. Found and removed more asphalt patches from the AI path using AI path debugging.
    4. Flattened some bumps on the straightway.
    5. Tweaked the UV mapping of the guardrails and rock walls.
  3. Bug fixes and polishing

    Here's the track's first round of bug fixes. Thanks for helping me get it perfect!

    1. Fixed the collision problem at the starting line caused by the misaligned trailer
    2. The Tunnel walls, which didn't collide and were also misaligned
    3. Removed the asphalt patches from the AI path, double checked all decal roads
    4. Removed Fence collisions (redundant)
    5. Repaired the car bridge's model (flatting tires)
    6. resized banner textures (way too big)
    7. Added AI paths to the oval tracks.
  4. Repo ready

    Pre-release update; Changed all of the banners to fictional ones, so it would meet repository guidelines.
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