Beta Grand Valley Speedway 0.37

Here's the original fictional track built for 24H racing.

  1. Fixed a bunch of bugs + an add-on

    1. Edited the quick play way points, so they don’t conflict with my other levels.
    2. Fixed curbs piercing tires; took lots of testing and tweaking to get it right.
    3. Fixed the Car Bridge piercing tires.
    4. Fixed stretched banners.
    5. New billboards, plus resized and edited banner texture.
    6. Widened the pit exit and moved the tower back, making it easier to get past.
    7. Added missing polys to trailers.
    8. Removed the “black apron” from the big arch bridge.
    9. Grandstands - re-textured the bricks to concrete.
    10. Added missing brake signs.
    Made a separate add-on that replaces my generic BeamNG banners with the name brand ones from GT, for a more authentic look.
    You can pick it in the forum or this download link:

    To install: Place the zip file in your mod folder as usual.
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