Beta Glitch's Offroad Pickup 1.4

this is an offroad/sport pickup truck that i made

  1. 1.4 for the offroad pickup

    -lengthened the tailgate
    -relocated the gas cap (useless i know)
    -changed the hubcaps
    -wondered what else to update
    -changed file name (again)

    delete all older versions before installing!
  2. Update 1.2 for the Offroad Pickup

    (This update is mostly cosmetics}
    -added new bumper bar
    -adjusted the suspension more
    -made the tires bigger
    -changed hood scoops
    you need to delete the old file and replace it with this
  3. 1.1 for the offroad pickup

    -changed the suspension slightly
    -fixed the grill
    -added sideskirts
    -fixed headlights
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