Gladius ® Sant´Antonio 1.0

Incredible Italian Car for a Ride on the Beach

  1. Bula
    -Spects: Motor: V10 2.7L 172hp, 0-100 in 7.9s, Variable Distribution (AWD - RWD), Weight: 1500kg distributed in 50/50.
    -Very comfortable to drive, it is made for a quiet drive, but that does not mean that it is slow, for example it can go out in sixth gear and it does not turn off, the brakes are a delight.
    -I have 4 years of experience in Automation.
    BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_08_50.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_11_13.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_11_27.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_12_04.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_12_26.png
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