1. Find and fixed the engine heating problem! Fix for fix like devs do sometimes:)

    Find and fixed the engine heating problem!
    the thermal simulation calculated wrong if "dynamicFriction":0.035, not added in the engine line.
    the offroad and the turbo engines not have it this "dynamicFriction":0.035, line too.

    Fix for fix!;)
    Sorry about this.:rolleyes:
    screenshot_00084.png screenshot_00085.png
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  2. Fixed winch / suspension sound

    Version 0.5.4 Fix

    - Fixed winch
    - Fixed suspension sound, now it is better
  3. New Powertrain!

    Version 0.5.4

    - New Powertrain:) which achieved better and smoother offroading
    - Many bug fix!
    - Different models with new powertrain
    - etc.


    1. screenshot_00075.png
    2. screenshot_00077.png
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  4. Couplers / Bugfixes

    Version 0.5.3

    - Fixed front side arm was too weak
    - Fixed rear wheel break off
    - Fixed rear wheel breakGroup was wrong

    - Added Couplers to hitch / winch
    screenshot_00082.png screenshot_00083.png screenshot_00084.png
  5. The car crash the game bug has been fixed!

    Version 0.5.2

    - Added new skin Red Silver.
    - Added new steel wheel.
    - Added Normalmap to chassis.
    - Added sport and steet version.
    - Added front live axle.
    - Added reflection.

    - Fixed front bumper was too strong.
    - Fixed body / frame detach was weak.
    - Fixed Front axle break too easy.
    - Fixed Rear shaft break too easy.
    - Fixed engine not turned of when gearbox break off.
    - Fixed rear spring stiffness was wrong name.
    - Fixed exhaust detach strength.
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  6. GL83


    Version 0.5.1

    - Added tire L beam and changed value...
    - Added rear suspensuin tune values...adjustable.
    - Added front/rear street bumper.
    - Added street wheels.

    - Fixed dashboard shake.
    - Fixed handbrake was too weak.
    - Fixed Arcade automatic revs too low (shifts up too early / shifts down too late)
    - Fixed winch was too slow...
    - Fixed front suspension cause break when used max values.
    - Fixed body shaking.
    - Fixed hood lock / anti...
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