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Beta Ghost's Desert 2.0.2


  1. 2.0.2 Hotfix

    -fixed material errors (heinkelpilots/barrels).
    -changed lighting a bit.
    -added missing easteregg.
    -cleaned up the scenetree.
  2. 2.0.2 update

    -changelog 2.0.2
    -fixed the game crashing when entering the cave
    -added a crashed plane model
    -added wrecked roamer models
    -added easteregg 3
    -redone the abandonned town
    -minor material fixes
    -minor general changes​
  3. small update

    -changelog 2.0.1

    -replaced png with dds files.
    -reduced "glitter" effect on terrain materials.
    -color corrections on terrain and vegetation.
    -fixed cavewater.
    -fixed collisions on caverocks.
    -fixed an error in groundcover/materials.cs
    -resized preview picture to default size.
    -minor improvements/corrections.

  4. Depthmap fix

    forgot to flip the Depthmap, fixed.
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