Outdated GeTeDsTeR - B-Series 1.0

Pack of reliable and fast German coupes

  1. GeTeD
    In the 90's GeTeDsTeR Motorsport was quite successful, so they had an idea of making a budget coupe and in 1994 released the B25 and around a year after they released the B40. They got rid of this scuffed 2.5L carburated engine and replaced it with a big 4.0L V8 making 300hp... also with a carburator. In 1996 they released the B25F and the F stands for Facelift and some rumors say it means Fast but it is not confirmed.Then GeTeDsTeR Motorsport were like "Let's make them fancy!" and in the same year they dropped a Turbocharged version making ~385hp and a Turbodiesel. They also released a 3.5L and a new 4.0L version.
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    In 1999 they released the B60 FL and FLX. Rumors claim that FLX stands for Facelift Luxury AWD.
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    In 2002 They Released the B50FS. I had a V10 making around 580hp. It removed the trim on the bumpers and doors, they also stretched the living hell out of the fenders. It also had a cool little wing.
    HiResPhoto92.png HiResPhoto94.png HiResPhoto97.png
    In 2004 STC released a Tuned version of the B50FS and B60FLX combined. I made like 1600hp and wasn't really road legal... I costs WELL over a million and it is extremely rare. It has a bright red paint with like Tuner BBS wheels, a big wing and it has quite low suspension.

Recent Reviews

  1. dapoop
    Version: 1.0
    the stc is kinda... bad
  2. Smelly Insect
    Smelly Insect
    Version: 1.0
    i agree with CoolCarDude
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