Beta German Emergency Skins 3.0

A few german emergency skins for you to enjoy! (now with new light bars)

  1. Big update

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    Well well well, it is time to post an update :D

    I have been working on this update now for the last couple of weeks in my freetime as much as possible, and I'm really happy about the outcome.

    I'm glad to introduce you to...
    ...2 new skins:

    -Fire department ambulance

    -Fire department rapid emergency response unit...
  2. Van skin and light bar update

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    As promised, v2.0 is the version to be as soon as new light bars are being added. V3 will be new parts.

    The van skin and light bar update will bring:

    -6 new skins
    -German special forces

    -German special forces (undercover)
  3. Ordnungsamt arrives

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    A new chapter of department type joins the pack: the Ordnungsamt (
    regulatory office)

    2 new skins:
    - ETK 800 (inspired by the Aachener Ordnungsamt, adjusted to the ETK body lines and looks)
    - Van (inspired by the Duesseldorfer Ordnungsamt, adjusted to the american Van style)
  4. New ADAC skins; Fire Department command vehicle skin

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    Thanks to the amazing work of the Beam dev team new roll backs have been added to the game.

    - H series roll back ADAC skin
    - D series roll back ADAC skin

    - performance update for the ETK police skin
    - Automatic Transmission (as the irl reference has)...
  5. Minor Fixes

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    • added a rear ADAC text on the ETK 800 skin
    • fixed the light bar sirene on the ASB ambulance
    • fixed missing materials on the ETK 800 amber light bar; Thanks a lot to F2YS for saving my ass there
    • added missing info_ADAC.json files for literally all vehicles of the fleet (forgot to put them in)
  6. ADAC fleet Update

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    Adding a few ADAC (German towing service) skins.

    The Kashira is planned, but I'm running into a lot of setup troubles atm.
    As soon as MrCrash is done with his MAN towing truck Ima add that one to the fleet as well :>


    1. screenshot_2020-10-05_21-29-06.png
  7. ASB/DRK Notarzt (rapid response vehicle)

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    Fitting to the ambulance skin, here the rapid response vehicles I announced in the last update :D

    • ASB Notarzt (fitting to the ASB ambulance)

    • DRK Notarzt (fitting to the DRK ambulance of Alex_The_Gamer)
  8. ASB ambulance update

    bigdaddy PlaytestDS
    • Added the planned ambulance skin

    • - fitting to that I'll add an ASB "Notarzt" skin; until now I haven't made a specified one, maybe I'll add a DRK version as well


    1. screenshot_2020-09-30_18-50-16.png
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