Gavril T-series addon v0.6.0

Race parts, Trailers, car lift, containers

  1. Quick fixes

    screenshot_2021-03-16_14-09-19.jpg screenshot_2021-03-16_13-31-22.jpg

    Just updated the bunch. Wheels, textures, I'm not sure what else as I was working slowly on it for months :)

    It was done a bit quick and dirty, but all seems to work fine. If you encounter issues please be constructive.

    Also; Added a new bogie steering version which is steered by the (tractors) signal input, now it should be easier to steer those extended trailers.
    Added this option and the option to lower and raise the bogie to the...
  2. T-series v0.5.1 fixes

    • added the hay bale material
    • fixed the silo material
    • updated the 2 axle dolly to have a 'real' fifth wheel
    • added a single axle dolly with fifth wheel
    • Made the dollies a separate vehicle
    • updated the lead trailer frame
    • updated the heavy duty tow hitch
    • added a reinforcement option for the flatbed to be able to carry more weight
    • copied the container skins to the skeleton containers to have more container colors available
    • fixed the car lift
    • updated some semi...
  3. T-series november 2019 update


    finally updated and fixed many jbeams.
    - stretched flatbed trailers, with a silo and a windturbine blade
    - steel coil load for the flatbed
    - lots of small stuff
  4. Updated lots of stuff, added a few new files

    Updated lots of stuff, added new flatbed options
  5. fixed semi car lift

    Fixed the dryvan based car lift for the semi. A lua file was missing.
  6. Gavril T-series addon update with loads of new trailers, containers etc.

    Expanded the mod;

    separated container, flatbed/hayhauler trailers
    added dryvan trailers
    added bogies, dollies
    added container prop
    updated the semi race parts
    added dryvan based straight truck
  7. T-series addon v02.2

    Updated jbeams
    Added scenario
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