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Outdated Gavril Roamer Sport

A two-door Gavril Roamer

  1. Small update for 0.10

    Toron Beldevar
    This is a non-mandatory update for the Roamer Sport Mod. I didn't add anything major due to my long hiatus away from BeamNG.drive, but I wanted to get this update out nice and quick, so sorry if you're disappointed.
    • Update necessary Jbeam files to 0.10 equivalent, so:
      • New engine noises, both I6 and V8.
      • "deformLimitExpansion" added to some files.
      • Improved hinges for the tailgate.
      • Other things, probably spike/stretch fixes.
    • Sheriff and Firechief configurations can now be found under the "Service" type in the vehicle selector.
    • Changed the glass break sounds for the "rear doors" since they were the same as the quarterpanel glass.
    • Fix some red errors in the T3D Console.
    Again, not much in the way of new stuff, but I promise, I'll put a lot more into this mod when BeamNG.drive 0.11 is released. ;)
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