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Outdated Gavril Roamer Sport

A two-door Gavril Roamer

  1. Minor update:

    Toron Beldevar
    This is a non-mandatory update for the Gavril Roamer Sport mod. It appends the changes seen with the update to BeamNG.drive, plus some fixes for little issues I found while doing that.
    • Updated Jbeams to, bringing along some minor changes.
      • Added "$fuel" variable to the fuel tank, which I hope is pretty self-explanatory.
    • Updated previews for some models.
    • Tweaked floor and exhaust nodes.
    • Adjusted the ride height for the off-road configuration.
    • Fixed some coltris and anti-stretch beams on the body.
    • Fixed the 3-link rear suspension using the wrong/missing driveshaft when it is manually selected from the parts selection menu.
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