Beta Gavril Roamer 5.5 Fuel Saver 1.01

Make you massive V8 more efficient!

  1. Fuel SAVER and fuel WASTER! New drag config!

    The most efficient 5.5 litre Roamer meets the most INSANE 5.5- litre Roamer! The new Drag config has a nitrous oxide system, over 850 HP, drag radials, and all-wheel drive. It has enough power and grip to lift the front wheels off the ground on a prepped surface, such as WCUSA's drag strip!


    1. screenshot_2019-06-08_15-26-54.png
    2. screenshot_2019-06-08_15-29-03.png
    3. screenshot_2019-06-08_15-27-41.png
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