Gavril LED Flashers 6.05

Enables you to use modern LED flashers on some Gavril vehicles

  1. Fixed issues with Roamer following the 0.20 update

    Some of the flashers were re-positioned.
  2. Flares fixed

    Flares have been fixed for everything but the T-Series.
  3. Flares Temporarily Removed

    Due to an issue caused by the v0.18 game update, flares have been temporarily removed from all vehicles except the Grand Marshal. I will get them working again and add them back when I have time, but this will have to do for now.
  4. Some adjustments

    The side flashers on the Grand Marshal were re-positioned following a change caused by game update 0.17.1. Also the rear flashers on the Roamer were made a little smaller and more flares were added to the ambulance box for better illumination.
  5. LED light changes

    The size of the extra LED lights was increased and some were re-located. Also, additional lights were added to the Grand Marshal and Roamer.


    1. img17.png
    2. img18.png
    3. img19.png
    4. img20.png
    5. img21.png
  6. Better Illumination

    Light bar illuminations for the Grand Marshal, Roamer, H-Series, and D-Series have been improved.


    1. new.png
  7. Hidden LED Flashers

    The hidden LED Flashers for the Grand Marshal was changed and added to the Roamer.


    1. img11.png
    2. img12.png
    3. img13.png
    4. img14.png
  8. Light bar issue fixed

    The mod no longer causes the frame of the flat light bar to appear white after the 0.11 hotfix.
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  9. Siren compatibility

    Added the new siren sounds to the light bars.
    Siren options can be changed by clicking on the right arrow in front of lightbar or roof accessory (Grand Marshal) in the parts menu.
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  10. A lot of options added



    1. img9.png
    2. img10.png
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