Beta Gavril Grand Square Marshall V

Fullsize 80s squarness.

  1. More jbeam fixes.

    I made the seats reappear on all of the bodies.
    Configurations improvement.
    I added the SQR Coupe BB TL MR configuration, no thumbnail.
  2. Jbeam, configurarion.

    I fixed some textures and some jbeams.
  3. bugfixes

    I had doubled info.json files in the zip.
  4. The groundmodel update

    I have added the {"groundModel":""}, line to all of the triangles section of the .jbeam files that were missing it.
  5. Powertrain fixes

    I fixed the engines hopefully.
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  6. Thumbnials

    Every configuration has a thumbnail to it.
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  7. info.json name fixes

    ad a few new bodes and configurations.
  8. more bugfixing.

    Added extra configs and engines.

    Also added an extra FOV camera, this one is small.
  9. Bugfixes

    Texture, and modeling fixes.
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