Outdated Gavril Grand Marshal Station Wagon, Limousine & Police, Taxi parts v0.2.1

Gavril Grand Marshal expansion mod

  1. AR162B
    Gavril Grand Marshal Wagon, Limousine mod, Police, taxi, sport, offroad parts. Version 0.2.1 23/09/2015


    This is a separate mod, it doesn't share/overwrite the original fullsize files, but it does uses the original texture files.

    Second version!

    Summary v0.2.0: Updated to BeamNG v0.4.2.0 files, added limo body, added special police lights function, fixed some small bugs
    Summary v0.2.1: Disabled shadows centerlights limousine, improved alley lights, added more police number decals, added traffic advisor lights, added antennas


    Installation instructions:
    For BeamNG version

    1) If present, remove the old version of this mod ( ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\)
    2) If present, remove the cache of the old version of this mod (...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\cache.\vehicles\fullsize_wagon_AR162b)
    3) Download the zip file located at the bottom of this post (attachments are available on the first page only!) and move it to BeamNG's mod folder (so ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\fullsize_wagonandparts_AR162b_v021.zip) There's no need to extract the zip.

    The lua folder must be inside of the 'fullsize_wagon_AR162b' folder.


    This mod includes besides the BeamNG's (Gabester's) original fullsize files:

    Main stuff:
    - Made a new 'main' file, adjusted body jbeam file hierarchy
    - Separated the rear seats as a separate part
    - Added headlights with inner park and highbeam lights (As default, original still available)

    Wagon Parts:
    - Wagon body including custom glass, split tailgate, custom lights, third brakelight, rear bumper, exhaust etc.
    - 'Roofrack' with four options; empty, Off-Road spare wheel, surfboard, canoe.
    - Third row seats
    - Hump plates
    - Wooden side panels with chrome trim and a version with black trim (under decals)

    Limo Parts: (new v0.2.0)
    - Limo body including custom glass, custom interior, functional side lights
    - Custom sedan parts/decals are also available for the limo
    - Fender flags
    - Boomerang antenna

    Taxi parts:
    - Large taxi sign; functional blinkers, taxi number sign, advert, 'off-duty' sign (NEW v0.2.0: use 'T' to scroll trough 'Taxi on', 'Off-Duty' , and 'off' Taxi lights. Advert is lit with the headlights)
    - Small taxi sign; functional blinkers, taxi number sign, 'off-duty' sign (NEW v0.2.0: use 'T' to scroll trough 'Taxi on', 'Off-Duty' , and 'off' Taxi lights.)
    - Taxi decals for both the sedan, limousine and station wagon

    Police Parts:
    - Small teardrop light (updated v0.2.0: enable using the 'F' key)
    - Hood with darkened grill with police flashlights in the grill
    - Alley spotlights, left and right (updated v0.2.0: enable using the 'G' key, still turns with the steering)(updated v0.2.1; won't turn anymore when folded and folds more)
    - Highway Patrol decals for both the sedan and station wagon (new v0.2.1; added 2 more numbers)
    - K-9 Unit decals for the station wagon (new v0.2.1; added 2 more numbers)
    - 'White roof' sedan body
    - White front doors
    - Steel rims, almost original but with custom chrome hubcaps
    - Small flashlights after the windshield and in the back (updated v0.2.0: enable using the 'F' key)
    - Modified lightbar to have spotlights as well (updated v0.2.0: enable using the 'F' key)
    - Wig wag headlights and reverselights (updated v0.2.0: enable using the 'F' key)
    - Traffic advisor/warning lights; backlight, rear doors and windshield. Enable with the 'F' key together with the signal/hazard keys (new v0.2.1)
    - Police trunk and roof antennas (new v0.2.1)
    - Horn on the pushbar (new v0.2.1)
    - Added heavy duty rear suspension (new v0.2.1)

    Sport parts:
    - White blinkers
    - Darkened taillights
    - Front lip
    - Small trunkspoiler for both the sedan and the station wagon
    - Custom Rocket Fuel lookalike rims
    - Hood with darkened grill

    Off-Road parts:
    - Modified D15 lift kit front suspension
    - Modified rear suspension
    - Custom American Racing Cector rims lookalikes
    - Spare tire on either the trunk (sedan) or roof (station wagon)
    - High ratio welded diff

    Derby Parts:
    - Derby headers
    - Rollcage
    - Kickers
    - 'Welded' doors
    - 'Welded' trunk, for both the sedan and station wagon
    - 'Welded' hood, with an cut-out for the headers
    - Fenders without signals
    - 5 different derby decals, for both the sedan, limousine and station wagon
    - Derby roofsign


    - Most new parts are BeamNG's (Gabester, B25Mitch, Nadeox1) original fullsize and lightbar parts or (greatly) based on original BeamNG parts, so BeamNG
    - Myself (AR162b) for all the mods
    - Aboroath, Jujune and MrAnrgry for testing this mod and providing me with great feedback
    - Dummiesman for the preset pictures made in his showroom
    - Jalkku with his 8x8 for making me understand assigning additional keys to functions


    Known Issues/improvement needed:
    - All textures are 'slapped on' the original fullsize texture maps, adding non-smooth/multi-colored skin/texture will have unwanted results. The texture on the wagon isn't that pretty in some areas.
    - Performance class might not be correct (?)
    - The third row bench seats are a bit glitch after a heavy crash (Fixed v0.2.0)
    - Highway Partol decal on the front left door has an offset (Fixed v0.2.0)
    - The K-9 decals have a not ended deformgroup, some parts go invisible after a crash when this decals are selected. (Fixed v0.2.0)
    - Derby kickers have a wrong material (are orange 'no material' coloured)


    Long term ideas:
    - Limousine (added in v0.2.0)
    - ute
    - Wooden panels with other textures
    - Canoe, surfboard with other textures
    - K-9 cage
    - Proper textures
    - Expand the lightbar with even more lights and functions


    Please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE without proper permission of AR162b! Use the files at own risk.

    Enjoy! :)



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    v 0.1.0 September 3rd 2015
    - First release, based on BeamNG's version files

    v 0.2.0 September 21st 2015
    - Updated to BeamNG.Drive v0.4.2.0
    - Fixed several bugs; not ended deformgroup of the k-9 decals, wagon's black quarterpanel trim, wagon's rear facing seats, left Highway Partol decal
    - Added limousine body and parts
    - Added lua with functional police lights

    v 0.2.1 September 23rd 2015
    - Disabled shadows of lights of the limousines midsection (FPS increase!)
    - Added traffic advisor lights
    - Added multiple antennas
    - Added horn to the pushbar
    - Improved alley lights
    - Added more police and K9 number decals
    - Added HD rear suspension
    - Cleaned the lua file a bit


    screenshot_00183_1920.jpg screenshot_00164_1920.jpg screenshot_00188_1920.jpg screenshot_00313_1920.jpg screenshot_00168_1920.jpg screenshot_00335.jpg

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