Beta Gavril Drift Missile 1.2

Fast Gavril

  1. PandaProGamer
    When you download it you want to go into the game and look at "Save & Load" in "Vehicle Configs".
    The mod will be located there with the title
    "Drift Snake".


    This Gavril Kingsnake has been heavily modified to drift better.


    It Has an Adjustable Turbo - Default PSI is 11.5 PSI
    It Also Has an Adjustable Nitrous System - Default Kilowatts is 100 Kilowatts
    Power - 1141 BHP
    Torque - 1013 NM
    Weight - 1698 KG / 3744 LB
    Top Speed - 225 MPH


    1. Screenshot2021-07-011126052.png
    2. Screenshot2021-07-01112741.png
    3. Screenshot2021-07-01112855.png
    4. Screenshot2021-07-01113009.png

Recent Updates

  1. Gavril Drift Missile update
  2. Drift Steering

Recent Reviews

  1. Grrainz
    Version: 1.1
    For a person who just uploaded their first mod. This is a really good Drift Tune for an American car. I really like it. and the newest update was really needed. keep up the great work. : )
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