Outdated Gavril D15 2001 Restyle 1.3

The D15 of the new millennia!

  1. Diesel Update

    • Added 3 new configs, all utilizing the new 7.2L V8 Diesel
    • Added in a 4.0L V6 engine
    • Replaced the i6 engine in the "D15" configuration with the new V6
    • Phase 2 facelift; the rest of the vehicle now looks more "roamer-y"
    • Tailgate reworked again
    • Added rooflights to all D35+ configs
  2. Crew Cab Update

    • Reworked D35 configs to use Crew Cab to match official
    • Removed "Mark 2" from all configs
    • Replaced "D35 Short Cab" config with "D35 Long Bed" config
    • Phase 1 facelift of the front fascia (to differentiate it from the Roamer and to add personality, more work will be done with it)
    • Remade all thumbnails with the official thumbnail app
    • Tweaked tailgate appearance to look less old
    This mod is still being worked on, and as a result, things are still far from...
  3. fixed fix

    • fixed (all) RWD configs being 4WD
    • fixed sport config not being sporty
    • fixed instabilities on the stepside bed and the offroad rollbar
    • fixed missing lights on stepside bed
  4. 0.9 fix

    A small update to fix compatibility problems with 0.8 & 0.9
    • Replaced snorkel/supercharger package with official snorkel and a supercharger.
    • Redid some slots to make part swapping a bit easier.
    • Updated roamer_shared to current roamer jbeams
    • Changed custom variant to use body-coloured trim
    • Updated radiators to their proper normal/heavy/race variants
    There will probably still be some issues (diffs being wrong, etc), but this is just a temporary update to get this...
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  5. Bug & Config Fix #1

    Fixed some Configs:
    • D15 "Thunder" had the wrong engine (4.5L)
    • Extended Cab 4WD had the old D15 steering wheel
    • Extended Cab Offroad was missing the front Offroad fender flares
    Fixed Bugs:
    • Gauge lights (signals, ABS, etc) were non functional
    • Dually Rear Fender Flares were not contacting the bed
    Added a thing:
    • Added a Cab to fit the "Long Bed", use an extended frame to mount/install. (Long bed is still a WIP)
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