Beta Gavril D-Series supercharger sound 1.2

Gavril D-Series supercharger now has a sound effect

  1. Tweaked sounds + volume

    • Sounds tweaked, please leave feedback.
    • Volume levels now not so loud at idle, and should be somewhat realistic while throttle is wide-open.
    • Binded sound to engineThrottle sound source and now the sound will also bounce off of the rev limiter. (because when the rev limiter cuts fuel to the engine, the engine wouldn't drive the supercharger anymore.)
    • Cleaned up unnecessary files
    • Sounds now pan and reduce volume according to distance and rotation of camera correctly...
  2. zip name fix

    zip name fix
  3. Quieter/More fitting sound volume

    Old sound was super loud at the waveform. Quieted sound a little to fit engine noises better.
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