Gavril D-series/Roamer Electric 1.0

Electric motor using transmission housing

  1. ChickenFeline0
    This mod adds an electric engine to the D-Series and the roamer. This is a continuation of my electric car mods. As I stated in the K-series mod, I plan on adding different engine power based on drive modes. I haven't quite figured this out, but I will update both mods when I do. Please leave your suggestions in the reviews. I love to hear ideas that I may not have thought of. Enjoy!

    Also Huge shoutout to AkaShadow and his electric vehicle conversion pack ( for the batteries.

Recent Reviews

  1. EN07Z
    Version: 1.0
    Those make a great dragster lol, planning swapping more cars?
    1. ChickenFeline0
      Author's Response
      I plan on swapping many more cars. I think I'll do the bolide once I get the drive mode update out for the ETK mod I have.
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