Beta Gavril D-Series addon by AR162b 0.7.4b

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. Updates and small fixes

    screenshot_2020-03-16_23-01-21.jpg screenshot_2020-03-19_17-52-23.jpg
    • added the cabprotector for the rollback
    • added colored and black rear bumpers for the tractor upfit, moved the license plate a bit, added semi materials
    • added colored and black 'HD' grills and grillbars
    • added (modified) Barstow mirrors ('small Oldstyle mirrors')
    • added (modified) Barstow hood lettering
    • added Oldstyle taillight covers (chrome and black)
    • added station rear door lettering
    • added (modified) Grand...
  2. D-series addon updates

    • prerunner:
      • modified suspension (modified spring limiter, thanks to @Blue J 360 ),
      • added locked diffs to the configs
      • added a license plate to the race rear bumper
      • widened the rear fenders a bit
      • added 'modern' prerunner config
      • tweaked the configs
    • Fixed oldstyle windscreen material
    • Fixed the orange spotlights (removed an old flexbody part having the same name)
    • slightly modified the rear part of the...
  3. D-series addon fixed

    • shortened the station body by 30cm
    • fixed the oldstyle headlight and rollbar spotlight materials and deformgroups
    • fixed the flatbed taillights deformgroups
    • added a functional camber tuning option for the twin-I beam suspension
    • tuned some configs regarding camber and steering center
    • fixed the sheriff config regarding the taillights
    • added the 291 and 353 CUI v8s from the Barstow
    • improved the baja suspension, also the damper flexbodies do not stretch anymore...
  4. D-series fixes

    • fixed the steering of the XL frames (cargobox, wedgeback, rollback) (Thanks for the help Ai'Torror!)
    • Fixed the chrome trim of the duallies fenders
    • adjusted the prerunner driveshaft
    • added latch nodes to the stations rear door
    • resized the log textures to 1024x1024
    • tuned the steering center of the sheriff config
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