Beta Gavril D-Series addon by AR162b 0.8.2

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. Updated, added shared taillights


    The only new part which I can remember adding the last months is the American style taillights; shared brake and taillights.
    Otherwise mostly updated the parts, some several times due to multiple BeamNG updates...
    And also, for mostly the Barstow sourced parts, separated the parts: Renamed the meshes, jbeams and materials to avoid issues with the original parts and other mods.

    I've probably overlooked issues, please be constructive when mentioning those.

    Have fun!
  2. Fixes

    screenshot_2022-01-06_16-52-42_1920.jpg screenshot_2022-01-06_20-41-14_1920.jpg

    Hi, finally the most severe bugs were fixed.
    Most texture issues should be fixed among other stuff I barely remember after I didn't touch it for a while.
    Some stuff wasn't done perfect but good enough for now.

    Please be constructive when encountering bugs.
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  3. Fixes

    screenshot_2021-03-12_11-30-24.jpg screenshot_2021-03-12_12-11-41.jpg screenshot_2021-03-12_12-31-31.jpg

    Updated and fixed lots of issues:

    My version of the D45 chassis
    My version of the rollback upfit
    'My' version of the ambulance
    Configs: prerunners, stations

    Hidden (files still exists but are not updated and/or not in current configs):
    My version of the prerunner parts (rear suspension, TTB, TIB, upfit, wide fenders etc)
    Station wagon body

    Lots of flexbodies and mappings
  4. Twin Traction Beam Front Suspension

    screenshot_2020-06-13_13-21-31.jpg screenshot_2020-06-13_12-22-19.jpg

    After reading a lot about, and gaining interest in, Twin-I-Beam (TIB) and Twin-Traction-Beam (TTB) suspension (and multiple requests) I've added the TTB suspension next to the already included TIB suspension as well.
    So now you can crash even faster while going off-road.

    - Added regular twin traction beam front suspension
    - Added race spec twin traction beam front suspension (wider and taller)
    - Added custom symmetrical steering for the race...
  5. small fixes


    Fixed/tweaked: (with thanks to)
    • tractor upfit bumperlights (NismoR35)
    • HD hood (Truck-truckin-truck)
    • XL frame fueltank (ltntai)
    • A-pillar spotlights (ltntai)
    • prerunner diesel fueltank (ltntai)
    • oldstyle seats base + jbeam redone, coltris added (ltntai)
    • interior cam added (FastestClassic, Elving, Crazyjello23, smittayxd1212, valentin.gaab, 16PiXel-Dude, SirJarko etc)
    • tweaked the signal lights, dashboard light
  6. Update for BeamNG v0.19

    screenshot_2020-04-19_20-41-12.jpg screenshot_2020-04-19_20-58-26.jpg
    screenshot_2020-04-19_21-05-32.jpg screenshot_2020-04-19_21-05-43.jpg
    • Updated the twin I-beam suspension:
      • Removed the hub beams from the suspension, solved the explosion at spawn, camber is now regulated by other beams
      • Adjusted the geometry, decreased the amount the ride height influenced the steering angle is not influenced by the ride hide that
      • Added adjustable caster, this is regulated by the trialing arms. This improved force...
  7. Updates and small fixes

    screenshot_2020-03-16_23-01-21.jpg screenshot_2020-03-19_17-52-23.jpg
    • added the cabprotector for the rollback
    • added colored and black rear bumpers for the tractor upfit, moved the license plate a bit, added semi materials
    • added colored and black 'HD' grills and grillbars
    • added (modified) Barstow mirrors ('small Oldstyle mirrors')
    • added (modified) Barstow hood lettering
    • added Oldstyle taillight covers (chrome and black)
    • added station rear door lettering
    • added (modified) Grand...
  8. D-series addon updates

    • prerunner:
      • modified suspension (modified spring limiter, thanks to @Blue J 360 ),
      • added locked diffs to the configs
      • added a license plate to the race rear bumper
      • widened the rear fenders a bit
      • added 'modern' prerunner config
      • tweaked the configs
    • Fixed oldstyle windscreen material
    • Fixed the orange spotlights (removed an old flexbody part having the same name)
    • slightly modified the rear part of the...
  9. D-series addon fixed

    • shortened the station body by 30cm
    • fixed the oldstyle headlight and rollbar spotlight materials and deformgroups
    • fixed the flatbed taillights deformgroups
    • added a functional camber tuning option for the twin-I beam suspension
    • tuned some configs regarding camber and steering center
    • fixed the sheriff config regarding the taillights
    • added the 291 and 353 CUI v8s from the Barstow
    • improved the baja suspension, also the damper flexbodies do not stretch anymore...
  10. D-series fixes

    • fixed the steering of the XL frames (cargobox, wedgeback, rollback) (Thanks for the help Ai'Torror!)
    • Fixed the chrome trim of the duallies fenders
    • adjusted the prerunner driveshaft
    • added latch nodes to the stations rear door
    • resized the log textures to 1024x1024
    • tuned the steering center of the sheriff config
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