Beta Gavril D-Series addon by AR162b 0.8.1

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. Fixes

    screenshot_2021-03-12_11-30-24.jpg screenshot_2021-03-12_12-11-41.jpg screenshot_2021-03-12_12-31-31.jpg

    Updated and fixed lots of issues:

    My version of the D45 chassis
    My version of the rollback upfit
    'My' version of the ambulance
    Configs: prerunners, stations

    Hidden (files still exists but are not updated and/or not in current configs):
    My version of the prerunner parts (rear suspension, TTB, TIB, upfit, wide fenders etc)
    Station wagon body

    Lots of flexbodies and mappings
    Barstow engine
    suspension updates
    lots of things I forgot

    Twin traction beam for the new prerunner chassis
    Facelift wigwags front and rear lights
    configs: new oldstyle prerunner, oldstyle sleeper, oldstyle longbed, facelift sherrif

    update material on the TTB and TIB (still uses old mappings)
    Maybe the station body (lots of work)
    Maybe the rollback (lots of work, official version exists now)

    If you encounter bugs please be constructive.
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