Beta Gavril D-Series addon by AR162b 0.7.6b

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. Updates and small fixes

    screenshot_2020-03-16_23-01-21.jpg screenshot_2020-03-19_17-52-23.jpg
    • added the cabprotector for the rollback
    • added colored and black rear bumpers for the tractor upfit, moved the license plate a bit, added semi materials
    • added colored and black 'HD' grills and grillbars
    • added (modified) Barstow mirrors ('small Oldstyle mirrors')
    • added (modified) Barstow hood lettering
    • added Oldstyle taillight covers (chrome and black)
    • added station rear door lettering
    • added (modified) Grand Marshal taxi ad carrier
    • added (modified) Grand Marshal taxi skin
    • added station trims (regular, chrome, black)
    • removed the hardcoded dash in the wagon jbeam, added the regular and oldstyle dash as separate part. I am aware the automatic shifter number cover is still present.
    • improved the station flexbody a bit, fixed the rear doorhandle groups, improved the roofrails
    • improved the prerunner front and rear suspension a bit, rear bumper, rollcage, kickers
    • improved the flareside taillight texture (one of the last not-updated parts from 2014...)
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