Gavril Bluebuck - Colorable Gradiant Flames 1.0

Now without Fading the Other Layers!

  1. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Hello! Here is my Flame Skin Mod!

    20190816182538_1.jpg 20190816182626_1.jpg 20190816182843_1.jpg

    Change it in Every Color you want!

    BTW: First Mod for the Gavril Bluebuck ;D

    Have Fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: 1.0
    10/10 would join lowrider meet again
    1. EnjoyMyHItsYT
      Author's Response
      :D thanks buddy! :)
  2. lillen
    Version: 1.0
    just chrome
    1. EnjoyMyHItsYT
      Author's Response
      it's the 3 color option. you can change all 3 of them.
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