Gavirl Arrow 1.0

Gavril has unvailed it´s latest concept car, with about 3060 hp and 3052 Nm of tourqe.

  1. General Kenobi
    Gavrils newest concept car has just been unvailed. It´s the Gavirl Arrow!

    With about 3060 hp and circa 3053 Nm of tourqe from it´s brand new 16L V12 you are guarrented to hold your own agaist the batmobile!
    Top speed: unknown
    0-60 time: unknown
    1/4 mile: unknown

    The reason most stats are unknown are because Gavril has not tested it yet, witch is why Gavril has offered you to do it for them!

    Have fun and don´t crash!


    1. 20210911191408_1.jpg
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