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Outdated Garvil New Off-Road Engine Parts 2016-09-01

Roamer and D-series recieve new i6 reproduction turbocharged engine, and new low-range trans

  1. The Gas Station
    tl,dr: This is a mod for the Roamer and D-Series, aimed for 4-wheeling and off-roading.
    It adds a slot for turbochargers in the 4.1 I6 engine.
    It also adds a 6-speed manual gearbox with a very low 1st gear, functioning as a low-range gear, ideal for crawling.

    Backstory (Fictional, right?)
    In an interview back in 1995, Garvil's CEO is quoted saying "If you have a problem, put a V8 in it. If that still ain't workin', add in a stage 2 supercharger. That's how I deal with problems, and it worked out fine so far, didn't it?". In a way, that perfectly explains Garvil CEO's supercharged beer belly Garvil's drivetrains of the time: The V8's were used for maximum power, whether it is for the D-series, the Roamer, the H-series, or any other big vehicle.
    But with all that V8-ness, the I6 engines were pretty much forgotten, and remained only for the cheapest versions, powerless and outdated.

    That is, until 2006. Rising demands in the Garvil aftermarket for a reliable engine, suitable for towing and off-road applications, that's very powerful at low-rpm, caused Dried engineers to go back to the I6, and give it another try. The reason the I6 was chosen is simple, and would be demonstrated with some game code Dyno-result charts below:

    4.5L V8:
            ["rpm", "torque"]
            [0, 0],
            [500, 125],
            [1000, 192],
            [2000, 290],
            [3000, 340],
            [4000, 345],
            [5000, 325],
            [6000, 295],
            [7000, 185],
            [8000, 75],
    4.1L I6:

            ["rpm", "torque"]
            [0, 0],
            [500, 200],
            [1000, 285],
            [1750, 310],
            [2000, 309],
            [3000, 305],
            [4000, 304],
            [5000, 264],
            [6000, 170],
            [7000, 85],
            [8000, 45],
    As you can see, the V8 is much more powerful. But that is, so long as you look at peak numbers. Actually, at the low rpm region, the numbers are in favor of the I6!
    Dried fitted the renewed cast-iron block I6 with aftermarket turbochargers (a rather unique setup for a Garvil engine, that actually proved to be very reliable even at relatively high boost pressure). These I6 reproduction crate-motors were sold from 2006 to 2012*, for various applications, mainly for everyday heavy-duty towing applications, who can benefit a lot from the low-rpm torque curve, and the incredible reliability of the engine. Off-road applications, namely rock-crawlers, also benefit from this engine.
    Dried also featured an optional 6-speed manual gearbox paired with this engine (which is a setup never seen before on a Garvil vehicle), with low range gears.

    *Production of this engine ceased in 2012, after Garvil themselves introduced ------------------------------- .

    New Parts
    This mod provides you with the following parts:
    -4.1L I6 Reproduction Turbocharged Engine
    Same as official one, but w/ turbocharger slot
    -Stage 1 Turbocharger From the ETK I series
    -Stage 2 Turbocharger From the ETK I series as well
    -Stage 3 Variable Boost Turbocharger ^^^
    -Extra Low Range 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    -4.1L I6 Reproduction Turbocharged Engine
    -Stage 1 Turbocharger
    -Stage 2 Turbocharger
    -Stage 3 Variable Boost Turbocharger
    -Extra Low Range 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    New Configurations

    Off-Road I6 Turbo (M)
    A capable rock-crawling SUV, using an extra-low range 6-speed gearbox, lifted suspension, and 35'' grippy tires. It is powered by a turbocharged reproduction inline 6 engine, tuned by Dried especially for rock-crawling applications. *Colors and bumper setup may vary slightly between catalouge pictures and recieved product.


    D35 'Bison' (M)
    The Bison is a unique rock-crawling setup, featuring an extra-low range 6-speed gearbox, a custom flatbed, and 35'' tires. It is powered by a turbocharged reproduction inline 6 engine, tuned by Dried especially for rock-crawling applications.

    D35 i6 Turbo 4WD Extended Cab (M)
    Heavy duty tow 4WD variant, powered by a turbocharged reproduction inline 6 engine, tuned by Dried especially for towing applications.

    There's also a RWD version of the Extended Cab i6 Turbo.

    Feel free to tell me what you think of this mod, and to share with me screenshots of your new I6-powered machines, going where no car has gone before!
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Recent Reviews

  1. HOTHY
    Version: 2016-09-01
    the bison is amazing exept for the engine which is just, simply put, broken or outdated but easily fixed by chucking a dove engine as they go almost slower than this is supposed to
  2. bobyb55
    Version: 2016-09-01
    Perfect! Now we just need a 3 link front and a 4 link rear!
    1. The Gas Station
      Author's Response
      Wait wat?
      Didn't the drivetrain update break this?????
      Well, if not, that's super cool!
  3. Lactating Mu1e
    Lactating Mu1e
    Version: 2016-09-01
    when i use the customisable diff there is no driveshaft ? so i cant drive
  4. JayPlaysBeamNG
    Version: 2016-09-01
    Great. Finally we have I6 gas guzzlers.
    The day where a truck can be sold without a heck of a V8 has arrived!
  5. fuccboi
    Version: 2016-09-01
    damn good job, i like the i6s
  6. LionsTheBoss
    Version: 2016-09-01
    Amazing! Please make a Drag diesel engine!
  7. Cory5503
    Version: 2016-09-01
    Fantastic! I've always wanted to crawl with the straight 6 but there was not enough power and torque, but now I can and the granny-low transmission is awesome too!
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