Beta Furry City Skin/Config Pack 0.1.3

A small, WIP pack of Furry City inspired skins and configs.

  1. New skins woop woop

    Well, that took way longer than it should've. Hope it's worth the wait, at least.
    • New "Milo's Cab" config
    • New "Fast and Furry" config and skin
    • New "Furry City SWAT" config and skin
    • BerrySushi config is now way more fun ;)
    • Undercover Bolide config is now no more :(
    Expect an update to the GM cop skins and the H-series delivery...
  2. GM fix

    Just a small update that changed the Grand Marshal's configs to make use of the new ECUs and stuff. Also updated the config files of those configs to match the new specs. No content has been added, although there might be a significant content update later down the line. :)
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