1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
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Full-time 4WD for Hopper, Roamer, D/H-series 1.1

For those preferring to utilize all the grip available, at all times

  1. Now with more low range options!

    3 new low range ratios to choose in place of default 2.2 reduction
    - 2.72:1
    - 3.4:1
    - 4:1 (Crawler TC ratio)

    Transfer case is now a single option, with its own subcategories for center differential and low range gears to avoid cluttering transfer case list.

    Fixed the pickup and Roamer transfer case lacking visible mesh
  2. fixing a minor bug

    Fixed a minor error causing the UI to show incorrect icons.
  3. A minor fix

    Made the viscous locking diff to use lsd icon when unlocked, to fix an issue related to viscous lacking its own icon on ui.
  4. Added an option for a viscous center differential

    - Made a second, optional transfer case with viscous limited slip differential(VLSD), while still having an ability to lock it.
    - Replaced the transfer case with a new one on configurations for Gavril vehicles.
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