Fujigoko 29 aout 2020

a Japan inspired map

  1. correctif

    fix of:
    - blue landscape/background: work on the 3d models and settings of the texture. Reduce of the fog density
    - dark skybox : increased textures brightness
    -hyper dark shadows: I changed my settings of shit concerning the light (exposure, brightness, etc)
    - return of transparency on the startrack. Settings of the staryskybox and roads textures. I hope it's working for you, because it's very tiring. (clear the game cache and restart the computer every time, every try)
  2. bug correction

    correction of transparency problems - star tracks -
  3. bugs fixing


    Fixing of display issues :
    - one road texture appearing half
    - the Fujiyama was gone !! I had to remake the 3d objet
    - the secret zone really too visible. (since the zone tool doesn't work in the same way than before) I had to tweak the texture settings in every way , and add an invisible imposter for the starry cube. The aspect of the spaceroad have changed a bit but i'm quite satisfy because it's was very fastidious to do

    All seems works properly right now

  4. The Legendary update

    After centuries of research, scientists, historians and adventurers have come to the conclusion that there is something somewhere !!

    Look at the billboard with the map/roads/points of interest. Someone have left a clue on it

    except this thing, i putted some splashing water near the bridges, and some statics objets in the pitstops

    that's all folks ! have fun !
  5. 25fevrier2018

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