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Beta Fufsmobile Compact L (1982 RWD) 0.9b

KP61 esque, Starlet, Rally, Thing

  1. fufsgfen
    It looks like a grandpa car, but they say it takes a real rally driver with Scandinavian blood in veins to tame it.

    Only for experienced drivers! Short wheelbase, so it is nimble, agile or some say snappy.

    As my cars tend to be always something else than they look, so is this, you will figure that out at first corner...

    Comes with:
    -Two engine 1.3L 60hp Inline 4 engine, 1.3L 100hp Inline 4 engine (sport)
    -Two diffs Open and LSD (sport) (you choose them by choosing transmission)
    -Two gearboxes, standard and Sport (diffs are part of gearbox because I'm lazy, so choose sport gearbox for LSD)
    -Two front ARB, standard and Stiff, use stiff if you don't have rally driver blood in your veins!
    -Normal and Fast steering, use Fast steering on gravel!
    -Custom adjustments that make car bit more fun on gravel than most cars
    -Well under 800kg of weight
    -Top speed, what you do with that, try to keep it between trees or guardrails on twisty sections, that is where the fun is!

    Use parts menu Ctrl+W to swap parts, Transmission is under engine in parts menu, because I'm lazy.
    Transmission jbeam is modified and is more or less in correct location and size, but better than default AM export.

    Comes with a guarantee, if driving this in hood view and properly set steering wheel is not making you grin, you get disk space back which mod did allocate*
    Also probably you will be surprised how much fun mere 60hp can be :)

    Known bugs:
    At some corners wheel shakes, mostly on pavement, this is related to Automation exporter and I did reduce the effect by manually editing tires and jbeam, but it still happens a bit at times.
    You can lower FFB strength if it is too annoying or use car only at gravel, putting universal wheels would fix it, but most stuff would need re-balancing then and my wrist hurts enough already.

    *To be eligible of guarantee, you must remove this mod in case it does not make you grin.

    Use discussion tab to complain or this if there is no discussion tab:


    1. Fufsmobile_Compact_L_rear.png
    2. Fufsmobile_Compact_L_front.png

Recent Reviews

  1. michael_zowski
    Version: 0.9b
    i wouldn't exactly call this a rally car, but good work otherwise
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