French skins pack 4.1

French law enforcement and utiles pack

  1. 4.1 Update

    Hey ! Since it's the holidays i have more time for my mods so here are some brand new skins !

    Added in this update :

    ETK 6000 skins :

    French FD Skin :

    French FD command post skin :

    French inmate transport truck skin :

    Ibishu Kashira skins BETA :

    French Police skin :...
  2. 4.0 Update

    Hey, it's been a while...
    Whatever here is some new ebic content for you !

    Added in this update :

    - Brand new thumbnails for more clarity when you choose your vehicle (Thanks to @CrimsonCrocodile and @PabloMM).
    -Updated flashing programms on lightbars.
    -Some configurations have been updated.
    -Fixed some lightbars errors.
    -Changed the logos blasons of FD and Police for more RP :

    -Added sticky...
  3. Moderation fix

    Fixed a typo on the Hopper Jbeam.
  4. 3.3.2 Update

    Fixed ETK 800 LED flashers and beacon.
  5. 3.3.1 Lightbar fix

    Hi ! Just a very small hotfix here for the Sunburst lightbar.
  6. 3.3 Update (fixed)

    Hi there ! I just added 3 skins and finished the 2 beta ones and some fixed some issues.

    Added in this update:
    -Added blue flat lightbar for sunburst from @jschadle with special flashing program
    -Fixed some rigged configurations
    -New VSAV (FD ambulance) skin

    Skins added in this update:

    Countryside Gendarmerie 1996 Pessima:

    Protection civile ambulance:

    Protection civile logistics:...
  7. 3.2.2 Hotfix

    Hi there ! Just a small hotfix here, the configurations were cursed so I updated them.

    Added in this version :
    -Updated configurations
    -Added DPD and Chronopost skins BETA

    See you the next update. Regards, Raphaƫl.
  8. 3.2 Update

    Hi everyone ! As I mentioned last update, today i'm not focusing on emergency services but more on common vehicles (except for the poice eSBR because it just came out)

    Included in this update

    Wentward :


  9. 3.1 Hotfix

    Minor update including
    -New flashing program for some lightbars (same as ETK 800 lightbar)
    -Fixed files name
  10. Massive 3.0 update

    Wow, what an update ! After quite a lot of times, here comes major new skins like :

    -GIGN / Customs / FD / Veolia H-Series
    -Customs / Police / Gendarmerie 1996 Pessima
    -FD / FD Commandement / Police / Gendarmerie / SAMU Roamer
    -SAMU ETK 800
    -Police Wentward
    -Lot of configurations have been rebuilt
    -Blue LED lightbar from @jschadle with custom flashing mode for ETK 800
    -Blue flashers for ambulance cab

    For the next update I will be more focused on public services / utiles...
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