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Outdated French skins pack 4.5.5

French law enforcement and utiles pack

  1. 4.1 Update

    Hey ! Since it's the holidays i have more time for my mods so here are some brand new skins !

    Added in this update :

    ETK 6000 skins :

    French FD Skin :

    French FD command post skin :

    French inmate transport truck skin :

    Ibishu Kashira skins BETA :

    French Police skin :

    SAMU skin :

    French FD utilitary vehicle skin :

    H45 skins :

    Updated inmate transport van skin :

    Inmate transport van ambulance cab skin :

    Gendarmerie "CSI" skin :

    Police / CRS van skin :

    That's all for now ! Hope you'll enjoy this update. See you next time, Raphaƫl.
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