Beta FR17 - Fictional Skin Pack 1.6

Well...some fictional skins for the FR17

  1. TWO

    2 new skins with this update:
    -Vaserati Racing Team

    Feel free to leave suggetions if you have any!

    PS:Sorry, for HUD on 1st picture


    1. screenshot_00075.png
    2. screenshot_00074.png
  2. bugfix1

    Bugfix as the recently added skins didn`t work, due to the rookie mistake of forgetting to put the configs in...

    As always: If you have suggetions let me know
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  3. A different kind of view

    This update adds an fantasy skin and skins based onon the BeamNG race/rally cars converted to the FR17

    If you have any suggetions let me know..


    1. screenshot_00021.png
    2. screenshot_00022.png
    3. screenshot_00023.png
    4. screenshot_00024.png
    5. screenshot_00027.png
    6. screenshot_00028.png
    7. screenshot_00029.png
    8. screenshot_00025.png
    9. screenshot_00026.png
    10. screenshot_00030.png
    11. screenshot_00031.png
  4. 6 new skins!

    This update features 6 new skins:

    Planned are:
    ~1 Fantasy skin
    ~FR17 skins based on BeamNG Race Cars

    If Bugs/Suggetions/Feedback let me know!


    1. screenshot_00296.png
    2. screenshot_00297.png
    3. screenshot_00292.png
    4. screenshot_00293.png
    5. screenshot_00294.png
    6. screenshot_00295.png
  5. New Thumbnails

    New showroom thumbnails thanks to @byotix1

    Edit: Thanks for over 300 downloads already..
  6. Bug fix 0.1

    fixed missing configs
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