Beta FR17 - Fictional Skin Pack 1.6

Well...some fictional skins for the FR17

  1. welshtoast
    NOTE: YOU NEED THE FR17 Mod for this Mod to work!
    This mod contains 24 fictional skins for the FR17 mod. More will come later, if you have a suggestions let me know.


    @Praefectus : Skins, Pre-Showroom Thumbnails
    @Raider : Help with getting the mod to work, FR17 Mod
    @byotix1 : Showroom Thumbnails
    @NinetyNine! ,@Djplopper : Some sponsors

    If there are any bugs let me know!


    1. 255781-b1774cb84396a0c049fcd7ac28ba6582.png
    2. 255780-7086060e10598841762ff2d0f02cd186.png
    3. 255779-ec9bfe25483ddcd593d96fd23476b3d1.png
    4. 255777-7afa5053d825d7b3cb068522899b81f2.png
    5. 255776-3f9f543f9482c6c6f1da6df027678243.png
    6. 255775-f1e3e17e13625ed4ae0d6f48b4a3920f.png
    7. 255774-e2e289217f45cf734a63636d583264eb.png

Recent Updates

  1. TWO
  2. bugfix1
  3. A different kind of view

Recent Reviews

  1. bytx
    Version: 1.5
    Well done. Maybe do some skins for Vanilla vehicles sometime?
    1. welshtoast
      Author's Response
      Planned for ages, working on it
  2. Kolderr
    Version: 1.4
    The ibishu skin looks hot and you're an a-ok boy. If only it worked...
    1. welshtoast
      Author's Response
      Will look after it, thanks for reporting the bug
  3. TandM Bros
    TandM Bros
    Version: 1.1
    love the mod amazing
  4. Shelby 427
    Shelby 427
    Version: 1.1
    the black and maroon red one reminds me of the paint jobs seen in some of the Burnout games
  5. Valera Erm
    Valera Erm
    Version: 1.1
    Black-orange-white version, uhhhh. Beauty
    1. welshtoast
  6. bytx
    Version: 1.1
    I really like this mod. Please make more skins like your own racing team :D
    1. welshtoast
      Author's Response
      More will come :)
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