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Unsupported Forza engine pack 1.2

adds in the 4 rotor the V8 V10 V12 and I4 turbo rally

  1. NOS and diesel

    nos is added to every engine and also the upgraded stock engine from the gurka has been added to the D-series
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  2. more vehicles

    just added engines to new vehicles and tweaked some things. sorry for the long wait
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  3. 1.6L I4 Turbo Rally

    not much to say the 1.6L I4 Turbo Rally is now in the covet.
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  4. realistic torque curves and no more overheating

    so I fixed the torque curves and removed thermals so no more overheating.
    In the next update I will add the turbo rally and then after that, I will add these to more vehicles
  5. jbeam stuff

    this just changes a few names and jbeam things
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