Unsupported firwood skin pack (with mods) 5.1

now you can use more vehicles to arrest in style

  1. bug fix

    fixed a bug with the burnside skin
  2. actual prices, lightbars and an etk i skin

    well, i updated prices to fit with the vehicles i based the police cars on, updated the lightbars and added an etk i skin, and changed the barstow and etk i ones. have fun
    screenshot_2020-06-14_22-31-12.png screenshot_2020-06-14_22-33-56.png
  3. vivace is here

    first up, i redid thumbnails, again. now for the important stuff:
    vivace skin, whooooo. now baguette can catch stuff.
    tweaked some skins, including the one for the kashira, as i thought it could be better, so now it is. enjoy:
    screenshot_2020-04-10_20-33-06.png screenshot_2020-04-10_20-33-20.png
  4. massive rework

    i have gone over every skin in the pack, and reworked some, but first things first: a firwood police van. this beast is sure to chase, and transport.

    next up: consistent thumbnails
    i have used the thumbnail generator, and now they are all consistent, hooray.
    last up, the changelog:
    redid etk 800 police...
  5. hotfix

    fixed moonhawk 2 pic
  6. interception

    time for a semi big update.
    first up i made a crawler config:
    its just a silly thing i made, it works, and i dont really have more to say about this one.

    this is just a small change, but i made the derby pessima an actual config so you can select it:

    and another car joins the list. this time the codename, oldsfullsize:
    took a while to get it working, but with this big American car the suspects will be jokes....
  7. turboburger galore

    more turboburger, and i fixed the gm and sunburst skins, enjoy.
    screenshot_2019-11-13_17-59-53.png screenshot_2019-11-10_16-24-03.png
  8. the k-series has finally arrived

    here it is: the k-series, enjoy
  9. classics update, marshal and sunburst

    2 classics, now in the pack
    screenshot_2019-11-04_22-33-40.png screenshot_2019-11-04_22-38-24.png
  10. pickup rework, and a sedan gladiator

    i really didnt like the pickup skin, so, i remade it so it doesnt bother me (and i thought it wasnt good enough in its previous state. it also has a camper bed. and i added the gladiator sedan, and the skin is also compatible with the 1968 versions, but they may not fit entirely.
    screenshot_2019-10-29_17-07-50.png screenshot_2019-10-29_17-12-30.png
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