1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
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Beta Finnish Police Pack for H-Series 2

You can now be a true Finnish police!

  1. Reworked

    After a long time, got around to work on this skin. Everything is redesigned from the start.

    + The color and layout is much closer to the original.
    - Some thumbnails are not updated and do not reflect the changes.


    1. Screenshot_340.png
  2. Improves compatibility with outher mod, bugfixes and cleaner skin

    - Fixed a repeatable game crash, pointed out by a friend

    - Cleaned the skin up a lot more and fixed a ton of bugs.

    - Renamed everything from FIEMG and FIPOL to FINPOL_HWA.

    - There is now a preview picture in vehicle selector

    - Overall reliability of the mod improved
  3. Little cleanup

    Cleaned up folder stucture and fixed few pesky typos
  4. UPDATE NOW! Hotfix

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