Fictional Trucking and Service Skin Pack 2.6

A pack of skins from fictional service and trucking companies

  1. Top Tier Studios
    This mod includes 194 skins and 12 dryvan loads, based on companies that either exist in the BeamNG world, or are completely fictional. Each skin comes with at least 1 config.

    Mod Requirements: (These are optional, but some configs may not load properly without them).
    Tanker With Skins mod - Required to use Tanker Trailer Skins
    MAN TGS Euro 6 - Required to use MAN TGS Skins
    Trailers in Parts Selector - Required to use the configs with pre attached trailers
    Delivery Van Interior - Used in some van configs
    T-Series Garbage Truck - Required to use garbage truck configs
    screenshot_2021-08-23_23-18-50.png screenshot_2021-09-23_20-23-27.jpg screenshot_2021-12-22_21-22-08.jpg screenshot_2021-12-23_10-44-55.jpg screenshot_2021-12-23_12-15-13.jpg screenshot_2022-04-25_15-11-22.jpg screenshot_2021-11-04_14-27-17.jpg screenshot_2021-12-15_19-01-51.png screenshot_2022-02-10_23-33-53.jpg screenshot_2022-03-19_22-24-54.jpg screenshot_2022-05-10_22-12-50.jpg screenshot_2022-02-27_17-01-18.jpg

    screenshot_2022-03-21_18-04-41.jpg screenshot_2022-03-16_22-37-07.jpg screenshot_2021-12-15_21-00-59.png screenshot_2021-12-15_18-33-02.png screenshot_2021-12-18_23-23-57.jpg screenshot_2021-12-18_22-06-09.jpg screenshot_2021-12-18_22-06-41.jpg screenshot_2022-01-04_19-38-26.jpg screenshot_2022-01-04_20-08-21.jpg screenshot_2022-01-07_23-10-09.jpg screenshot_2021-12-15_18-51-06.png screenshot_2022-02-10_23-36-58.jpg screenshot_2022-02-10_23-34-58.jpg screenshot_2022-02-10_23-28-37.jpg screenshot_2022-02-08_22-53-41.jpg screenshot_2021-12-15_20-19-14.png screenshot_2022-02-28_22-40-03.jpg screenshot_2022-02-21_16-42-24.jpg screenshot_2022-03-02_22-39-51.jpg screenshot_2022-04-05_22-04-59.jpg screenshot_2022-04-03_15-10-09.jpg screenshot_2022-04-03_23-11-19.jpg screenshot_2021-12-23_11-47-58.jpg screenshot_2021-12-15_18-42-02.png



    Credits: @Agent_Y for allowing me to add my skins to the Trailers in Parts Selector mod

Recent Reviews

  1. GermanFan1400
    Version: 2.6
    This is an awesome pack for a suggestion I have two logos I have you can use
    1. Top Tier Studios
      Author's Response
      Sure, if you send me the logos I might be able to use them
  2. LeGran
    Version: 2.6
    Thank you for your hard work and doing this for us, you are the greatest one.
    But maybe it's possible to do a little in-game virtual car maker transporter car? Genres like ETK, Ibishu, Cherrier, Randolph (this brand has Dryvan, Flatbed, Tanker), it would be epic if it could
  3. xiao tuan zi
    xiao tuan zi
    Version: 2.6
  4. xnx1985
    Version: 2.5
    This is really great! so many options and the quality looks amazing
  5. tacobell?THISISTACOBELL
    Version: 2.5
    I love seeing people making their own versions of popular brands!
  6. trainsandcrashesbeam
    Version: 2.5
    another thing is, is there a mod for the refrigerated trailers? i can't find them in the dryvans.
    1. Top Tier Studios
  7. Oblast Studios
    Oblast Studios
    Version: 2.5
    Nice Mod! One Thing Though.
    In some BeamNG-FUN Videos, There's AJ Auto Repair Liveries for the T-Series, H-Series, & D-Series.
    Are they a separate mod by someone else or is it in the skin pack already?
    1. Top Tier Studios
  8. WarEthe
    Version: 2.5
    This has been my favorite skin pack for a while now. Thank you for creating this and updating it from time to time.
  9. RedSmokeFZW YT
    RedSmokeFZW YT
    Version: 2.5
    Here's an idea for a fictional super center, SuperMerica.
  10. xdYoshi
    Version: 2.4
    Good skinpack with consistent quality.
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