Fiat Uno Fire 1.0

it could set on fire but it doesnt

  1. Renault Logan
    variant download link:

    i know that someone did a mod about it, but first of all, those are the 90's ones, now i come here and offer you something different, new, maybe becasue this one was for sale in 2013! so fiat uno fire / way was a car, very outdated, not the most but one of the ones that survived the 2000's era
    only 1.3 "fire" engines
    please consider not reuploading this or any of my automation cars

    if you are interested in a car request, let me know!

    fiat uno fire

    variant: Fiat Uno Way

    size difference:
    screenshot_2022-02-11_19-04-42.png screenshot_2022-02-11_19-04-24.png
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