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FFE-Motorsports V10-35SP 1.05

A super fast Christmas present

  1. Blijo
    This is a Christmas gift to you, the community, please enjoy it.
    It't a quick mod. Textures and mesh are meh. Suggestions for improvement will be ignored. No need for reviews either :).

    The year is 1990, the Sports Prototype class is gaining popularity all over the world. Big manufacturers are battling each other and smaller teams run by privateers and tuning companies. Featherfoot Engineering B.V. is looking to enter this class but the costs of developing an engine are too high. The project is put on hold.

    After a year, the Ibishu ProCar series comes to an end and Ibishu wishes to sell the cars and their parts. Featherfoot Engineering decides to buy a couple of cars to use their drivetrain in a prototype racecar.

    This led to the development of the Featherfoot Engineering Motorsports V10-35SP racecar in 1993. It was presented to the public as the FFE-Motorsports V10-35SP in 1994. Powered by the Ibishu/Civetta V10, the car was able to reach speeds of almost 400kmh.

    The car proved to be succesful because of the low weight and drivability.
    After 2 seasons, the rules of the class changed and the cars were retired.
    Car number 12 is on display at the Featherfoot Engineering headquarters. Car number 13 was sold to an unknown buyer. The fate of the third car is unknown. Legends say it was modified by FFE-Motorsports for a very well known person.

    This mod adds the following things to your game:
    1. The FFE-Motorsports V10-35SP racecar. It has a few configs. The power to weight ratio is almost 1:1(depending on fuel load) and it is fast. It's not very detailed and does some odd things when crashed or driving above 350kmh but that is because this was a "quick" mod.
    2. The Featherfoot Engineering car transporter. Based on the D-series, this car is used to transport the racecars. Be careful, they like to slide.
    3. Wheels used by the racecar. Made by @D-Troxx for the ProCar, I updated them and gave it nicer tires for this car.
    4. A track in the trackbuilder mode, enable the lightbar functions of the cars to get some fancy effects.:cool:
    All skins(apart from one) are colorable

    The dash shows the following things:


    Car transporter:
    screenshot_2019-12-19_17-48-14.png screenshot_2019-12-19_17-48-43.png

    screenshot_2019-12-19_17-49-47.png screenshot_2019-12-19_17-50-02.png screenshot_2019-12-19_17-51-02.png screenshot_2019-12-19_17-51-20.png


    Please don't use my code, models, textures etc for other things without permission.

    Youtubers: You can review this mod or use it in timetrials, but for all other purposes, ask me for permission, I will file a copyright claim against you otherwise. (I will say yes 99% of the time if you ask me)

    If you like it, please consider to donate:
    https://www.paypal.me/blijo :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Version: 1.05
    I really like this mod, the car at least. The transporter's lift does not work very well, as it likes to break the truck, and it doesn't blend, you cannot get it to where a vehicle is able to enter. Other than that, I like it, it makes sense and is very original. I like to mess with the car on tracks, it is fun.
  2. Tunaking Youtube
    Tunaking Youtube
    Version: 1.05
    And how to use the car transporter?
  3. a lazy AJ
    a lazy AJ
    Version: 1.05
    Great story/lore for the car. I can't drive it to save my life, but the quality of the mod is A+
  4. amirhossein
    Version: 1.05
    @Speedy_Alex77 I disagree
  5. Jakux
    Version: 1.05
    This car is for people that know how to drive
    And I`m not one of them
  6. thegreatbarnaby
    Version: 1.05
    @Speedy_Alex77 Well said!
  7. jesusplaza8
    Version: 1.05
    es muy bueno el mod el coche es muy inestable pero es muy bonito y bueno lo recomiendo :)
  8. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: 1.05
    I'm gonna do a constructive review in goal to help to make it better.

    So let's start by positives points and negatives points after:

    Yes, it's original
    Yes, it's beautiful
    Yes, it's faster


    The handling is absolutely hellish and the body fly when you hit the smallest pebble of the track.
    I saw in another review, the creator said to a user to get better at driving. I wont say something about that, I'm not making a review about the personnality of this guy, I'm making a review about his mod.
    I'm playing at cars videogames since 10 years, so I'm not a fool, I know what I mean and you can be sure that the problem is not from the driver only, but from the car too.
    It's a Christmas present, yes it's nice but for Christmas you have a car and for April fool day you have a tree (or the 40s roadster who was coming on the other side of the road).

    I think you should admit that there is a problem with the handling and you should work more on the fact that the car decomposes herself without reason (I drove it on many tracks).

    Another point, this time about the flatbed: good idea, but useless if you don't show us how could we move the bed.

    I know it's hard to do a perfect mod but some peoples of this website made it, so that mean it's not impossible, so you can do it and that's why I'm trying to help you by making this review.
    1. Blijo
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your constructive review.

      -The handling is absolutely hellish
      Do you experience under or oversteer? The normal variants (not the Santa one) should handle alright on a wheel and controller. My testers liked the way it handled.

      -And the body fly when you hit the smallest pebble of the track.
      I have seen that the body flies off if you mount kerbs, not while driving over the paved surface on official maps. Could you share a video of the behaviour on an official map? Keep in mind that it isn't a rallycar.

      -Another point, this time about the flatbed: good idea, but useless if you don't show us how could we move the bed.
      If you have a clean game, the inputs show up automatically.

      -I know it's hard to do a perfect mod but some peoples of this website made it, so that mean it's not impossible, so you can do it and that's why I'm trying to help you by making this review.
      Thanks for that, keep in mind that I make this mod for my own enjoyment and not for the community. I just share things when I want to.
  9. sabasss
    Version: 1.05
    Love it, im trying to make the bed go down but cant find the button. does anyone know
  10. eleventhhour
    Version: 1.05
    one of my favorite mods i've gotten over the years and too the people who complain about driving it hears my Top Gear Top Tip! You cant floor a V10 ultralight and expect it to magically grip to the road like a slot car! So solution? buy a cheap controller ex:Xbox 360 controller its not rocket science.
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